Questions from concerned citizens about energy, hydrogen and fuel cells
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Vol. 1: From sustainable development to accelerating the H2 economy

Here you find answers to questions from concerned citizen
about sustainability, hydrogen and fuel cells. You are most welcome to
send in your own set of energy related questions.

1) Do you believe on a global sustainable development?

This is a tricky question. The sustainable world is already existing, but
unfortunately only in nature. All mankind inventions like aircraft,
combustion engines, internet and the like (washing machines) are really not
sustainable at all. As our natural resources like coal, oil, gas and uranium are
also not unlimited available, we are all travelling on a one way ticket.
Soon oil will run out; than we have to think of a solution how to solve
the transportation challenge without it. This energy balance ot the world describes
the man-made situation. Nothing to be really proud of, though:

2) What do you think the US government needs to change based on the last
oil spill?

The US government has only to do one thing, and that better soon: Offer a Vision of a real
sustainable Hydrogen Society. This has to be based on a decentralized,
really clean and environmental friendly production of hydrogen which than
in turn can be used for transportation, cooling, heating, cooking,
manufacturing and communication purposes. These are the only applications we need.
Golden hydrogen can easily cope them all. In fact we do not need electricity and/or petrol
at all!!! We only have to think about it and understand the idea! Then it`s all easy.
Here you find my Hydrogen's hierarchy of needs, adapted from Abraham Maslow, an
American psychologist, who introduced his idea of a hierarchy of needs in 1943:

3) To which global direction will the future lead us: rather Hydrogen
Economy or sustainable mobility?

There can only be a real Hydrogen Economy, or better: a Hydrogen Society,
if hydrogen is made and used as what it originally was intended to be: An
energy carrier, which has to be produced locally from renewable energies
only, preferable from the sun. This is already achievable today; see page
106 ff. of my book “The Hydrogen Society...more than just a Vision?
(ISBN-13: 978-3937863313) This locally produced hydrogen (again: from real
renewable energies, not from fossil fuels (today: 95 pc of the hydrogen is
produced from fossil fuels) and also not from electricity (today: 5 pc)
will than be used for heating, cooling, cooking, communication and also
for transportation. That is all, what mankind needs. A sustainable
mobility will follow automatically. Here you see an   introduction into the right
pathway to a Hydrogen Society:

4) What solutions do you offer for an accelerated H2 economy?

This question cannot be answered in a sentence or so. Please refer to my
new book:
The Hydrogen Society ...more than just a Vision? (ISBN-13: 978-3937863313)

You can online order the book here:

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