Are You Paying Too Much On Your Electricity Bill, too?

According to a recent survey, originated by the German Green Party in Berlin, German electricity customers are going to pay about Euro 1 billion (approx USD too much to their utilities. The reason: The procurement costs for the utilities went down by 30 to 40 pc since 2008, however, these savings have not been forwarded to the customers. Quite the contrary is happening. The utilities raise the prices for one kilowatt hour (kWh) almost every year; in 2010 up to 6 pc!

With total sales in Germany of around 131 billion kWh this will amount to a sum of Euro 1 billion, which would be deprived of the consumers. According to Verivox, a German consumer protecting agency, the price for electricity in Germany breaks down as follows: Value added tax: 16 pc; Electricity tax: 8,9 pc; concession fee: 7,3 pc; Feed-in-tariff-substitute: 9,5 pc (has to be paid by ALL electricity customers in Germany, according to their individual consumption); Production and sales cost: 34,1 pc and last but not least: Fee for using the grid: 24,2 pc.

So where to safe?

Should we one day have a real decentralized, sustainable electricity supply, we could safe the following positions: Feed-in-tariff-substitute, Production and sales cost and the fee for using the grid. This can happen as soon as we start with implementing a different energy infrastructure, following the slogan: Power to the people. The total saving would amount to more than 40 pc of today`s electricity cost, even if you leave the taxes at their existing level.

The components to achieve this are all there, what it needs now is vision and strong people, who are able to power a new power paradigma!