Berlin – German Chancellor Angela Merkel embarked August 17, 2010 on a countrywide tour of Germany’s energy production sites, before the government unveils a contentious Energy Plan in coming weeks. Over the course of four days, the chancellor is to visit ten sites across Germany comprising coal, nuclear, wind, gas and steam, bioenergy and hydro-electric power sources. The first stops on Merkel’s trip were at a wind park near the coast, in the northeastern state of Mecklenburg-Pomerania, followed by wind turbine manufacturers Nordex.

On August 19, the chancellor visited the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig. The following week’s stops will include a nuclear power station and several renewable energy plants, as well as a house designed to minimise energy consumption. According to official sources in Berlin, this trip is designed for Merkel to form a personal view of the resources, needs and challenges of the different energy sectors. Angla Merkel is a studied physicist.

In the year 2006, the Chanelor also was visiting the Group Exhibit Hydrogen and Fuell Cells at the annual Hannover Fair in Germany, which I founded and organized in from 1995.

This is in so far unusual, as the Hannover Fair has between 2.500 to 4.000 international commercial exhibitors, who all want this “..picture with the Chancellor!” However, here it is, we had it at that time:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Hannover Fair 2006: